Traditional Chinese Medicine

Chinese Medicine

For thousands of years Chinese Medicine has been successful as an early intervention and preventative so that imbalances in health don’t develop into deeper causes of disease and suffering. Utilizing subtle forms of diagnosis founded in the traditional Chinese medicine Glenn looks beyond the presenting symptoms to diagnose and treat the root cause of imbalances in health.

Treatments focus on enhancing the performance of the internal organs to restore optimum health.

The Benefits

  • Reduce the need for pain medications
  • Reduce the intensity, quality & duration of pain
  • Increase range of motion & function
  • Reduce inflammation and degeneration of arthritic conditions
  • Relieve nerve, joint and muscular pain
I sought treatment from Glenn for bursitis in both hip joints that flared up during my training for a 2-week high-altitude trek in Nepal. I experienced rapid relief from pain, a significant decrease in inflammation. It was Glenn's intervention that made it possible for me to make this extraordinary trip. I look forward to continuing to work with Glenn, my aspiration is to train and trek in Peru (in 2015) and Tibet (!) in 2017. Tracy