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Sports Injury Acupuncture in Santa Cruz

Stay in Your Game Longer

Discover the benefits of sports acupuncture for the rare or common sports injury. Accelerate healing of injuries. Stay active longer. Increase performance levels. Board certified orthopedic assessment to identify the specific cause of your injury. Treatments are geared to promote healing, reduce recovery time, and enhance performance. Santa Cruz acupuncture clinic 831-459-6005

Advanced Orthopedics and Acupuncture

Get your Life Back

Looking for neck or back pain relief? Reduce pain and eliminate the need for pain medications. Increase range of motion and function. Both pain and the injury are managed with advanced orthopedics and acupuncture services. Most patients report 40% – 60% improvement of pain within 3-4 weeks. To get started call 831-459-6005 and visit our acupuncture clinic in Santa Cruz.

Workman’s Comp

12 Years Experience

Accelerate healing of work related injuries. Health insurance coverage for alternative medicine is increasingly common. With years of handling workman’s comp claims, we are experienced at assessing and treating work related injuries. Restore your condition to pre-injury status in a few treatments. Assistance with claim forms is available.

Santa Cruz Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine

Enhance Vitality

Restore your vitality. Enhance your immune system. Discover natural remedies for anxiety. Eliminate chronic conditions such as: respiratory ailments, allergies, digestive complaints, stress, insomnia, colds & flus and fatigue. Prevent deeper ongoing health issues. Discover the benefits of acupuncture and Chinese medicine.